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Community-Driven Platforms Audiovybez and Songtrust Join Forces

Songtrust is a global music publishing administrator used by songwriters all over the world to collect the royalties that their songs earn.

We're excited to share that we've teamed up with Songtrust! Artists that sign up for Songtrust's Global Publishing Administration through Audiovybez will receive a 30% discount.

Jason Grant, CEO of Audiovybez says,"It was a no-brainer. Songtrust offers the best-in-class global royalty administration services with flexible terms. The platform is transparent and very easy to use; it's truly a value-add solution that can help music creators at any stage in their career."

The music industry is more global than ever - enabling songwriters and performing artists from all over the world to have their music heard, streamed, and performed anywhere. But if you were to try to register your compositions directly with all these sources to ensure effective and thorough collections, you’d be looking at a full-time job.

Songtrust takes care of registration and collection from 60+ global sources that cover 98% of the world’s music market for you. That way you can get back to what you do best, while knowing that you’re collecting all the royalties your songs are earning everywhere. Songtrust allows you to spend more time creating and developing your career, not on collection society websites registering your songs and chasing your royalty statements.

For more information on Songtrust please visit or follow Songtrust on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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