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Discover & download music for your content.

We take care of the licensing so you can use really good music for your videos.

Unlimited Free Downloads, No Subscriptions

Simple license for personal & business use on your channels.

Whether you're making videos yourself or you're making videos for clients, you're cleared. 

Free Download License Covers:

  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

  • Unlimited followers and views

  • Personal & business websites

  • Clearance for client productions

  • Sponsored ad posts

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Support Real Artists

When you use our music, you are supporting real musicians and artists that tour and perform. We believe in creating a sustainable source of income for these creatives through sync licensing.

The music available on our marketplace is free for use. In exchange, we ask that you credit the artist and allow content ID claims to remain on your video so the artist can make a small profit off the ad revenue.

If you require a removal of a claim, let us know. We have affordable licenses for monetization and simple steps to clear copyright claims.

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