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Dedicated, Fully Managed Service

Pro Plan

For the artist breaking through with traction looking to take off and make some real noise.

The pro plan gives you a truly dedicated team who works for you like an in-office department would to help you get to the next level.


Performer on Stage
How does a specialized music assistant help you?

This plan is $999/mo and you get 40 hours per month of support through a combination of these tasks. 

Creative/Brand Support

  • Write a brand sponsorship one sheet, EPK and biography

  • Source creative talent for your project

  • Image resizing in the correct specs 

  • Create song pre-save / song out now / video out now content & promos

  • Sponsorship research 

  • Sponsorship plan development

  • Pitch for brand sponsorship & partnership deals

Social Media Marketing 

  • Set up accounts  i.e. TikTok, YouTube, IG etc.

  • Assist with content ideas & posting schedule 

  • Optimize existing content on your behalf i.e. video editing, reformatting overlays etc. 

  • Market research and find influencers that best align with you and your targeted audience

  • Pitch music to influencers to use music in their videos

  • Create and post original content on your behalf

  • Content ideas and strategy to maximize usage of platform's best practices

  • Monitor comments, messages, and feedback on social media platforms, and help the artist respond and engage with followers and fans.

  • Conduct research and stay updated on best practices for social media marketing, including hashtags, trending topics, and influencer collaborations.

Direct-To-Fan Marketing

  • Make updates to your website

  • ​Create smart links for content / new releases

  • Create direct email marketing accounts i.e. MailChimp / design & send out email blasts

  • Create / manage fan accounts

  • Calendar management 

  • Engagement strategy through audience demographic analysis

  • Direct engagement with the fanbase

Playlisting Outreach

  • Research editorial and UGC playlists that best align with the music based on themes, moods, genres, audience demographic, and neighboring artists

  • Pitch your music for placement consideration

  • Spotify Optimization

  • Build Artist’s Song Catalog Playlist

Release Support

  • Upload promo assets to platforms i.e., lyric videos, pre-saves & visualizers

  • Music Delivery: ingesting and gathering assets for the distributor i.e photos, bio 

  • Transcribing song lyrics

  • Song registration i.e. PRO, Soundexchange

  • Creative strategy for releases

  • Write & submit pitch for "Spotify Artist" release radar

  • Update assets after release

  • Create and maintain marketing release timelines

Press & Radio Outreach

  • Research the best  media outlets for your project / genre of music 

  • Pitch your music for consideration

  • Write and distribute press release

  • Media training

  • Representation at major events

  • Traditional media campaigns

  • Publicity stunt ideation and execution

  • Submit lyrics to various lyric sites

Carefully selected team of experienced and well-connected music professionals who possess a diverse range of skills fully equipped to guide you through the intricacies of the music industry and provide one-on-one assistance.

Virtual Marketig Department
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