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We Are Audiovybez

A boutique music licensing agency




Our mission is to be the most trusted source for groundbreaking contemporary artists. We believe that the right sync at the right time can launch an artist into popular culture bringing their music to new audiences all over the world, and completely alter the course of their careers.


We are the answer for the "hidden gem" enthusiasts excited to break new music, push the boundaries and pioneer new sounds that authentically reflect the narratives and stories being told across all media. Whether it be for feature films, TV shows, ad campaigns and much more, Audiovybez brings a fresh approach to your music, marketing, and multimedia needs through a diverse catalog that is hit-driven and has that global tastemaker appeal. 

Everything we pitch is either one-stop or easy to clear. Our roster consists of independent talent; emerging, buzzing and budding future stars. Behind the scenes, our sync licensing portal provides the artists we represent with powerful tools to privately manage tracks and album metadata, audio files, contributors, rights holders, digital and sync royalty splits. This allows us to streamline the licensing process and move quickly and efficiently.

We take A&R very seriously. After all, our business and livelihood doesn’t exist without a talented roster to pitch.

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