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Audiovybez Welcomes ILL.GLOBAL and New York Powerhouse Rodney Chrome

Born Rodney Anderson, this Arkansas native took his triple threat talents to Brooklyn, New York to escape the norm and thrive as himself at maximum capacity. At only 21, Rodney has composed and written music for an upcoming Disney Plus show “Growing Up” which highlights the unheard voices of 10 Gen-Z individuals Executive Produced by Brie Larsen and his track “PULPIT” has been streamed over 56,000 times, which proves he demands attention from the music industry. Chrome's unique sound is experimental and breaks every box it’s put in.

Birthed in New York City, ILL.GLOBAL is an incubator that supports independent artists to distribute their singles, provides clients with the proper resources to be entirely creative, and specialize in curating unique & authentic releases in the music space.

ILL.GLOBAL connects the dots between music & community. Deep diving into each artist’s vision, ILL.GLOBAL identifies the best practices within the arms of our business. ILL.GLOBAL includes music from independent artists, across a wide range of musical genres, including but not limited to indie, synth, electronic, rock, rap, pop, r&b and alternative.

While conceptualizing and delivering a 360-degree release plan and meeting a variety of touch-points throughout the lifespan of the consumer journey, ILL.GLOBAL allows our artists to own their own masters, a 50/50 split on streams and no advance.

For more information on Rodney Chrome, please visit or follow Rodney Chrome on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

For more information on ILL.GLOBAL, please visit or follow ILL.GLOBAL on Instagram.


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