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Audiovybez is a music placement platform that connects independent artists with opportunities to get their music licensed in TV, Film, games and more!

Marketing & admin services for independent artists

A Virtual & On-Demand Team

Do what matters, leave the rest to us! Grow and build your career with a dedicated team. 

Creative/Brand Support

Social Media Marketing 

Direct-To-Fan Marketing

Playlisting Outreach

Release Support

Press & Radio Outreach

Carefully selected team of experienced and well-connected music professionals who possess a diverse range of skills fully equipped to guide you through the intricacies of the music industry and provide one-on-one assistance.

Virtual Marketig Department

Fully Managed

A truly dedicated staff of assistants, project managers & coordinators working for you just like at a label.

Affordable Pricing

Flexible to fit almost any budget, you can subscribe to very affordable monthly fixed pricing plans to meet your needs.

Highly Specialized

Expert advice to help you expand your fanbase, monetize your music, and get closer to achieving your dreams.

Designed for you at any stage in your career: 


You have very little traction and need assistance building a foundation.

In The Studio
Getting started is easy


You must be an approved audiovybez music provider for sync licensing with an active user account.



Free one-on-one consultation to discuss your music, career goals and any challenges you might be facing,



You're connected with the right person, equipped with the experience and skills to help grow your music business.

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